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2016 05 01

Quo Vadis

The Spy opines on Apple's options for overcoming a sales decline and touts his newly published novel, the Throne.

2015 10 01

Modula-2 R10 Templates

The Spy demonstrates how to employ R10 templates to re-use code via generics--fifth and last in a series.

2015 08 01

Modula-2 R10 Blueprints

The Spy demonstrates how to employ R10 blueprints to leverage sound planning.

2015 06 01

A First Look at Modula-2 R10

The Spy solves a problem in R10 and discusses some familiar points of Modula-2 for those new to the language, and a few of the many changes in the R10 dialect.

2015 05 01

Modula-2 R10 Built-Ins

A quick rundown on the built -ins comprising the base language Modula-2 R10 dialect.

If All You Have Is A Hammer

The Spy introduces a new programming language he and colleague Benjamin Kowarsch have devised--the first in a multi-part series on Modula-2 R10.